Premium Still Water

Aqua Venus water was established in 2009 due to the bad quality of municipal water. We came across a water source that supplied extremely clean and tasty water. This water was sent to the C.S.I. R. for testing. The test results of our water were unbelievable! Our water was close to one hundred times purer than the municipal water. The water sample showed that there were almost zero undesirable chemicals that are harmful to your health. The nearly clean tested water was put through another purifying process called Reverse Osmosis. This process was done to ensure that all other impurities, toxins and undesirable minerals were removed. We then sent the purified water back to the C.S.I.R. for final testing.

The results:
The water source used to bottle Aqua Venus Premium Pure Still water, was one of the purest ever tested. After four years it was decided to move the Aqua Venus bottling plant to a bigger premises, as the demand for our water grew stronger. We found another private source with excellent quality water on a plot in the Wonderboom area. The Reverse Osmosis process is still being used to ensure the best quality still water on the market.

Contact Details
Telephone: (+27) 72 809 1074